25 Delectable Bacon Recipes

25 Recipe Love Letters to Bacon. Egg rolls, cupcakes, burgers, sides, and even dog biscuits. Yes, dog biscuits. Who doesn't love them some bacon? by Penney Lane Kitchen

Bacon- it’s kind of like the duct tape of the culinary world. There’s not much that it can’t do or make better. The world has kind of gone bacon crazy recently, but I remember helping my PawPaw smoke his bacon in his own smokehouse. And those simple bacon sandwiches were heaven on a plate. I […]

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies. Soft, chocolatey, and with a hint of pumpkin. by Penney Lane Kitchen

It’s going to be a November to remember! Not only will I be turning the big 4-0 (Woot!) I will be heading to Virginia on my birthday to attend Mixed Con. It’s a small intimate conference of food bloggers put on by Susan of Doughmesstic and Paula of Bel’allimento. And y’all…this conference is put on […]

Easy Omelet with Chorizo and Potatoes

Easy Chorizo & Potato Omelet by Penney Lane Kitchen. Chorizo and frozen breakfast potatoes make a delicious omelet in about 10 minutes.

When I was taking my cooking class final, I was randomly assigned an omelet as my dish to make from memory. I almost jumped up and said “Hallelujah!” because I was so worried I was going to get something more complex like a risotto which if you’ve ever watched Hell’s Kitchen is pretty difficult to […]

30 Meals Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

30 Meals Ready in 30 Minutes or Less: Casseroles, Soups, Pasta, Salads and more. Quick meals for when you need dinner in a hurry. by Penney Lane Kitchen

Sometimes you have the heart to make a home cooked meal but maybe not the time. Life is busy, right? Or maybe you have plenty of time but you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen (which is me occasionally). I love 30 minute meals. I have a list of go to’s that I […]

10 Random Facts About Me & A Gift Card

10 Random Facts About Me

I am one of those people who loves those “Get to Know You” games at parties or team building exercises from when I was in corporate America. Please don’t think I’m that perky lady saying “Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays” in Office Space, but I generally am pretty happy and outgoing […]

Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Toffee

Easy Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Toffee by Penney Lane Kitchen

One of my favorite flavor combinations is sweet and salty. Possibly because I love sweet and savory food equally as much. Haha! Ethan’s new favorite snack is mini pretzels. I was putting some away in the pantry the other day and just happened to set them next to the chocolate chips that I bought to […]